More facts about those darned baby boomers


  1. Individuals age 55 and over have consistently experienced longer durations of unemployment than younger workers.
  2. The median length of unemployment has more than tripled for older workers.
  3. Only 31 percent of those older workers age 55-64 who were displaced between 2007 and 2009 had regained…

Class, not generational.

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Restaurant workers stay hungry as the food industry feasts on profit

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I already liked Old Economy Steve. So, it was only natural I’d like the Scumbag Baby Boomer meme as well.

I don’t know whether I should laugh or cry.

the truth, it burns


"My generation has collected more wealth than any group of people in the history of the world"

wow your generation were all upper class north american white people who are rich now? 

Can we stop referring to the vocal minority of people born after the war who went on to assume positions of power in society as though they represent everyone who was born between 1946 and 1964?

The was also a baby boom among poor folks who didn’t end up with shit

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Baby boomer facts


  1. Most baby boomers were working class
  2. Working class people didn’t start any wars
  3. Working class people didn’t “ruin the economy”
  4. Most baby boomers don’t have a degree
  5. Unemployed working class baby boomers find it almost impossible to get rehired. Unemployable at 50 they face decades of scraping by and government dependence
  6. Most baby boomers will be poorer in old age than their parents were
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"He likes to hold his own feet." -110110


"He likes to hold his own feet." -110110

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"We don’t need to justify ourselves to anyone. We don’t need a reason to be queer. Maybe we were born this way, maybe we weren’t. Maybe sexuality is fluid for some people and not for others. It’s totally irrelevant either way. The message we need to send to heterosexists is not that our sexuality was foisted upon us and that they should be “tolerant” and “understanding”. The message is: our sexuality is perfectly valid and none of your business, we offer you no excuses, and we are never going away."

Social Justice League: Fauxgress Watch: “Born This Way”. (via feminismduh)


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by Gely Korzhev

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dog.exe has crashed.


dog.exe has crashed.

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Here go your “both sides”.


Here go your “both sides”.

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